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Acclaimed author, speaker and counselor Craig Caster has written these workbooks to help Christians understand and implement important foundational truths for life and family.

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To reach the world in every language with these free resources. It is our prayer that as you learn and begin to work on these principles, you will share them with others. God’s commission to every believer is to be His disciples. With this call and commission upon our life, God will be faithful and provide us with His grace to see it through.


Family Discipleship Ministries materials, for me, have become very refreshing because you can tell that Craig believes the Bible, and that is so wonderful. It’s hard to find these days—a man who simply believes that God's Word is the authority and, not just for faith, but for practice as well. FDM materials say the hard things and communicate the hard truths, but with a practical way to apply it. As a pastor, what a great compliment that is to teaching the scriptures because you have somebody that can fill in the gaps and give great practical examples. That’s what makes FDM materials so refreshing and helpful—it describes Gods design for the family, for marriage, for parenting, for husbands, for wives, puts them on the solid ground for God’s Word and it’s absolutely changing their lives." - Pastor Gary Lawton, Calvary Chapel Santee

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