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Marriage Workbook

By Craig Caster


The institution we call marriage was created by God. And it is under serious attack. This will sound strange, but the greatest negative effects originate from within the relationship. After a couple marries, each partner begins to pull and tug according to their own needs and desires. As time passes, problems go unsolved and disappointment, frustration and anger bring hurt, resulting in resentment and revenge. When two people enter into matrimony with such hopes, such good intentions, why do so many marriages fail? Or, why are so many couples settling for a relationship that is unfulfilling?

This book is dedicated to God, and to His desire for every couple to experience the blessings possible in a marriage. When two people unite as husband and wife with no training in God’s principles, and probably no godly example from their past, they are truly ignorant of how to tend to one another. They also may bring past hurts and emotional voids that add to the challenge. As you work through this material, God will reveal non-negotiable truths that must be followed or the result will be discouragement and disenchantment. In short, there may be a lot of pain.

Statistics indicate that too many marriages between Christians end in divorce. As God’s children and heirs of all His promises, why are believers failing? The problem is lack of information, and lack of discipleship in biblical principles. Sadly, the church is not currently putting enough effort into this area to turn the tide that is sweeping so many down the path of destruction. Married couples are in great need of biblical teaching, being discipled by others in God’s truth. When believers learn what God desires, and will to follow Him as disciples of Christ, they can be assured of receiving the grace and power to overcome any problem.

God wants to show Himself strong on our behalf, wants to be glorified in our marriages. But we have to want it, too. We know that marriage is very important to God, and yet most Christians after 10 years of being married still feel inadequate to disciple others. If you asked a man who had performed a job for 10 years if he could train someone else, the response would likely be a confident “yes”. And God is much more concerned about how we tend to our spouses than our vocations.

As you prayerfully go through this workbook, I know that God will reveal His purpose for you as husband and wife. All the information is based on biblical truth, which will guide you with Scripture and give you practical illustrations to help implement the principles you are learning. Also, it can be used as a tool in the future to disciple others. When your eyes have been opened by the amazing way that God is changing your life, you will see that many others need help, too.

“Lord God, thank You for revealing Your heart and will to us in Your Word. Please bless those who go through this book. Make the principles clear. Give them humble hearts to forgive those who have hurt them, and the desire to ask for forgiveness from those they have hurt. God, be glorified in and through the marriages of those who are willing to follow You.” Amen.

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