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Marriage Workbook

By Craig Caster



  • Be sure that your wife has enough time in her daily schedule for personal Bible study and prayer. This may involve getting up earlier or rearranging your schedule so that you can watch the children during this time.
  • Spend time with her regularly (at least once a week) in Bible study.
  • Encourage her to ask you for help in answering any questions she may have about Bible doctrine or application.
  • Make and explain your decisions on the basis of Scripture.
  • Commend her for any and all biblical character traits, which she possesses (reverence, self-control, discretion, love, joy, peace, etc.).
  • Make every effort to provide her with valid scriptural reasons when you can’t give her what she wants (explain those reasons to her).
  • Be alert to even the smallest indications of spiritual growth and maturity in her and praise her for them.
  • Be faithful in your church attendance as a couple and family.
  • Encourage other opportunities she may have to study the Scriptures (individually or with others).
  • Learn how to relate the Scriptures to life and life to the Scriptures. Talk of them in the milieu of everyday activities (cf. Deut. 6:7).
  • If your wife enjoys reading, invest in biblically sound books (and Christian biographies).
  • Make the dinner hour an enjoyable time and be open and free to discuss biblical truth and personal applications of Scripture.
  • Determine which areas in her life she desires to change most and why she desires to change them. Use these areas as springboards to search the Scriptures together for God’s answers. (Be sure you also tell your wife the changes you’d like to see in your own life and seek her assistance and prayers).
  • Make time each week to disciple your children. See Appendix D for recommended devotional and discipleship books.

If you want to fulfill your wife’s companionship need in this area, invest your time and effort in becoming a true disciple of Christ. It is not uncommon for the wife to be the one working and worrying about getting to church, or being in a Bible study, or tending to the spiritual condition of the children. These also should be your first priorities as leader of the home.

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1 These suggestions are adapted from Lou Priolo’s book, The Complete Husband: a Practical Guide to Biblical Husbanding (Amityville, NY: Calvary Press, 1999), 162–163.