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Marriage Workbook

By Craig Caster


This workbook is designed to bring you onto the path of discipleship; which really means walking in God’s principles. And when we use words like “walk”, we hope you understand that living in these principles is just as fundamental as learning to walk. The goals of our workbook are: 1) To show you that God provides principles for marriage, 2) To equip you with tools and applications for applying these principles, and 3) To guide your marriage and family into the forgiveness, healing and unity that comes through obedience to God. Family Discipleship Ministries exists to help edify the body of Christ in vital areas. We believe that failure to disciple others is directly related to the failure in marriages. How do we know this? By what we have seen, experienced and what is proven by statistics today.


The study is divided into weeks, with five lessons each week. It is important to work toward completing one lesson each day for five days. Building daily study with consistency is a key to spiritual success. We encourage you to start with Week One and continue through Week Two and Three, etc.; skipping to a section that sparks your interest is tempting, but not efficient because one week builds upon another. For example, you really want to master the man’s or woman’s companionship needs so move ahead to that study, but there are biblical principles that must be learned before you can properly tend to your spouse's needs in a godly way.

The principles we are presenting have been tried and proven successful. I have experienced it in my own marriage, and also through the lives of countless people in counseling and marriage classes. Please understand, this is NOT a “Five Easy Steps to Marriage” manual. Biblical Discipleship is challenging work and will require that you surrender to God's will and change. The process will require commitment, sacrifice and humility to successfully implement the principles as you learn them.


  • This work is a new priority and will require dedicated time. There are five lessons in each week to be completed. If you miss a day, DO NOT skip it, but work to complete all lessons within the week. If you miss often, pray about your priorities and what you are placing ahead of this commitment.
  • At times we start projects and do not finish. Consider the importance of your responsibility in the area of marriage and make a decision to faithfully complete this study. Enlist the help of an accountability partner for prayer and encouragement if necessary.
  • Remember, your spouse is an essential partner in this effort. Study together or separately, but always discuss what you have learned from each lesson and prayerfully commit to implement any changes.


  1. View each daily study as time spent with God, and expect Him to speak to you through His Word.
  2. Start with prayer, asking God to reveal where you need to change, and to empower you to apply what you are learning.
  3. Have a reflective mindset; do not rush through the material just to say you finished it. Give God time to speak to you, and meditate on what you learn.


  • Studies may vary in the amount of information presented. After you complete each day, look ahead to the next so you can plan your time to get the most out of it.

  • Space is provided for writing answers to questions, and also for relevant thoughts and prayers.

  • Please take advantage of the Appendices at the end of the workbook. They are there to help you work out the principles being taught and we refer to them throughout the workbook.


Fact File


When you see this, you will find the definition of a word and/or phrase from the Bible. We have taken great care to use well-known and theologically sound biblical dictionaries and commentaries for biblical clarity, referenced when possible. Many of these definitions appear in the glossary, Appendix Q.

DIG DEEPER: further study

This marks an opportunity to read a text of Scripture and relate it to the subject that is being presented. During this discipleship process, you will become more familiar with the Bible, biblical principles of marriage, and what God expects from you as a spouse.


As you study and learn biblical principles, there will be times for self-examination, finding areas where personal improvement is needed. Space is provided for listing insights, confessions, and prayers for strength and wisdom to make those changes. One aspect of the discipleship process is personal accountability; if God reveals that you have sinned against your spouse and/or children, we encourage you to confess your sin to them and ask their forgiveness. Make this a regular practice even if it is not noted to do so.

Action Plan

After you have studied the biblical principles of that day or week, take action and apply what you have learned in your marriage. To be true disciples, we must understand that God not only desires that we grow in knowledge, but He also requires that we use it, or “live it out”.

All the materials on our website www.parentingministry.org, focus on discipleship and are provided free of charge.

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