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Parenting Discipleship

By Craig Caster


All parents would agree on at least two things - raising children can be wonderful, and difficult.  Adjustments must be made for the uniqueness of each personality, and keeping children entertained can be a challenge. But the real bugger is discipline. Couples have to work as a team, single parents are working without back-up, and every parent faces the challenge of protecting and training each child from birth to adulthood. When, where, how, how much, how often, how long and is this really working are just a few of the questions crowding the thoughts of a parent staring into the face of a precious, disobedient child. The truth is, most parents today are not sure where to turn, probably believe that their own parents did just an OK job, and really feel pretty poorly equipped themselves.

But there is help for those who will listen. God, the creator of all things, has not left us without guidance.  He is the creator of the institution we call family, and has given us clear instructions in His Word on how to be successful. We need to take this seriously because we have an enemy. The Bible tells us that the Devil, or Satan, is working against us and would love to break down the strength of the family, which is also an attack against the church, society, and our Christian witness to a lost world. But God, knowing all our needs, gives us both His Word and the Holy Spirit, which is enough to win any battle.  

Sadly, most Christians are not aware that the Bible is relevant for raising children, so they turn to past experience or worldly philosophy for help. But now is the time to listen, and seek God’s wisdom and guidance to strengthen our families. If we are not willing to submit to our Creator, then what can we expect for the future? When we operate outside of God’s will, the result is chaos and destruction. It may come slowly, so we hardly notice, but the end is pain.  

I know our parenting course will help you learn God’s plan for raising children. Whether you function as a traditional family, blended family, single parent family, or grandparents raising grandchildren, God’s parenting principles are effective and conclusive. We are all God’s children, parent and child alike, and He would never leave us without the possibility of a joy-filled, successful life. May God bless you through His wonderful, life-changing principles, and bless your family as you allow Him to transform you into the parent He knows you can be.

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