Color Strip

Parenting Discipleship

By Craig Caster



(Review and discuss as a couple, if married)

1. Attend their sports events, music performance, school plays, etc.

2. Find opportunities to trust your child by granting him/her a new area of responsibility.

3. Have a family picnic on a Sunday afternoon.

4. Walk in the rain and jump puddles together.

5. Listen to your child with all your attention.

6. Sit down together and watch your child’s favorite television show.

7. Skip rocks together on a lake, pond, or river.

8. Say, “I’m proud of you.”

9. After your teenager comes in from an outing, have popcorn together by the fireplace.

10. Tell your child about the things that you appreciate most about your own parents.

11. Have a family water-balloon fight (without you as the prime target).

12. Take an evening walk together.

13. Let your child catch you bragging about them to a friend.

14. Hug your child just because.

15. Postpone an appointment and, instead, do something your child enjoys doing.

16. Surprise your child by giving them a day off from school and spend the day together.

17. Tell your daughter that she is beautiful.

18. Tell your son that he is handsome.

19. Give your child grace when he/she has made a mistake.

20. Pray with your child everyday!

21. Seize appropriate opportunities to ask your child for his/her opinion.

22. Accept your child’s unique personality traits.

23. Write a note expressing your love for them.

24. Bake or buy their favorite cookies.

25. Make popcorn and enjoy an old movie together.

26. Take them out to a restaurant for breakfast or dinner.

27. Take up a hobby that they particularly like to do.

28. Start a new hobby together.

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