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Parenting Discipleship

By Craig Caster



Parent Discussion Homework
(Review and discuss as a couple, if married)

  1. Make a list of the music, videos, video games, magazines, posters, television programs, books, and other forms of entertainment that you and/or your children are currently enjoying that need to be eliminated. A simple question that will help you sort through this exercise is: If Jesus visited your home today, do you believe He would approve of these materials?
  1. Do you need to make some changes in your home in this area?
  1. Write out your commitment to make changes where needed and to diligently disciple your children on the subject of appropriate forms and content of entertainment.

Effecting Change

Parents should be careful not to act impulsively or like tyrants in an effort to make these changes. Parents should not go through their teen’s bedroom with a vengeance, tearing posters off the walls and destroying music. Your children should be approached with love, humility, and without anger or arrogance.

If you have previously allowed inappropriate entertainment in your home, take the following steps:

  • Pray and seek the LORD’S guidance and wisdom.
  • Discuss and agree as a couple on what items should be discarded.
  • If your child has purchased these items with their own money, with either your explicit or implied permission, you may, if applicable, offer to replace the inappropriate entertainment with reasonable appropriate entertainment of your child’s choice.
  1. Discuss together your plan of action on how, together, you are going to make these changes. Write out your plans.
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