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Parenting Discipleship

By Craig Caster



(Revealing the parents’ reality vs. the child’s possible delusion)

The following questions are designed for discussion with your child just prior to his or her 18th birthday and/or for parents who have a child over 18 living at home. They are most effective when discussed in a relaxed setting, for the purpose of stimulating your child to think, and to encourage a more adult relationship with your child as they are entering adulthood. It will also reveal what they believe is going to change or has changed in their relationship with you and your support of them.

Give one copy to your child to fill out & one copy for you to fill out. Set a date and time when you will sit down with your child to discuss their answers and share your answers (reality) with them.

1. At 18 what do mom and I owe you besides our love?

2. Do you believe that the reason we help you the way we do is because we love you?

3. Should we be doing more for you than we are currently doing?

if yes, what should we be doing?

4. Do we have the right to require anything of you in return for you continuing to live in our home?


5. If you do not agree with something we ask or require of you what should you do?

6. If you ignore our request and do something that we have made clear not to do, what do you think we should do? What should you do?

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